Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dad and the bike race

Dad and the Bike Race
By Jill Eggleton

W.a.l.t talk about the plot of the story.

Main Characters
Dad, the kids
In the park

In the beginning..on Friday the kids looked in the paper and they saw a sign saying ‘Bike race on Saturday come and have a fun day. On Saturday the kids put the bikes in the truck Dad put his bike in the truck too. Dad and the kids got to the park. They took the bikes of the truck. The kids put on their helmet. Dad put on his helmet, too.

a girl was under a tree she had no chain dad said you can have my chaindad had no seat or chain to ride on or to sit on dad ran to the finish line

In the end...is that your dad he is cool he is really cool he gave me his chain he gave me his seat

I really like that he gave his chain to the boy. i foundtyping really tricky. Next time I want to add more detail to my answers.

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