Monday, 20 October 2014

Term 4 Writing

Today we wrote about what we did in the school holidays.  Then we looked back at the first story we wrote at Elm Park School.  Look at the difference!

Kaya says:  Now I have got finger spaces and nice writing.

Making words.

Learning your words by making them with play dough is lots of fun.

Kaya said, " I am trying to learn words."

Writing Numbers

Look at all the numerals you can write the correct way. Keep trying!

Kaya said," I am proud because I do lots right."

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Our Poupou

For one of our art projects we learnt to draw a poupou.  Poupou are traditionally a wooden carved Maori statue.  Poupou tell the stories of the meeting house, the local iwi and the iwi's ancestry.  We sketched our Poupou and then painted them using cotton buds and dye.  We learnt about symmetry and proportion.